Moving to the Farm

“You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you.” - Paul Coelho

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Let’s Go For A Hike

World ethics.

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Have You Ever Wanted to Escape Society and Live Alone in Nature?

I was traveling in search for people who have decided to escape from social life and lived all alone in the wild nature, far away from any villages, towns or other people. ” - Danila Tkachenko

Read and see more from Danila Tkachenko’s project, Escape. Photos by Danila Tkachenko.

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Im usually not a huge gear freak, but this pack raft is really something i want for my upcoming adventures. Its just such an amazing addition to the trek.

Here’s a link to Alpacka Raft.  This looks like so much fun!  


Let’s Go For A Hike

Trinity Hammocks    wow.  Rum punch, a good book, music in the background and coconut suntan oil.  That’s all I’d need.    


spartan trailer