Moving to the Farm

“You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you.” - Paul Coelho

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Trinity Hammocks    wow.  Rum punch, a good book, music in the background and coconut suntan oil.  That’s all I’d need.    


spartan trailer



This was an event run by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) as a way to humanely distribute wild horses and burros that have been moved off of public land, instead of having them destroyed.

When you think of mustangs, you usually think of the dangerous, bucking horses with wild eyes. I was taken by the fact that these beautiful animals were extremely quiet, even skittish. It is a shame that so many of them will not be given a life, merely due to the name ‘mustang’ and the fact that they take a bit of extra care and training.

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Bob Tankersley grew up hating country music in the Country Music capital of the world… Nashville, TN. No longer a hater, Bob now uses his musical ear and guitar pick to dabble in kindred genres like bluegrass. Bob resides in the beautiful Bluegrass State with his bride and business partner who shares his wanderlust for backroads. Follow Bob on Tumblr at, find him on Instagram at @bobtank, and see more of his work at

Peruvian Roast Chicken



Peruvian Roasted Chicken or Pollo ala Brasa incredibly flavorful chicken. The spice rub includes white vinegar, paprika, cumin, lots of garlic and lime and usually marinaded over night. The dish traditionally also includes roasted onions but I tweaked it to include chickpeas!

Macros for whole recipe:

Breast: Protein 122g/Fat 37g/Carbs 73g/ Fiber 25g/ Cal 1048

Thighs: Protein  138g/F  53g/ Carbs 73g/ Fiber 25g/ Cal 1173

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How to Paint a Perfect Chevron WallUse a ruler to place small sticker dots, like ones you can buy at walmart that are meant for writing prices on, evenly spread out on a wall. Then use masking tape to go from one dot to the next in a zigzag shape. Do the same on the row above. You may have to cut off some excess tape -you can kind of see in the image where it makes a triangle where the tapes intersect. Follow the edges to cut off the excess and have smooth edges!

Village of Tiébélé located in Burkina Faso, West Africa  SOURCE

"According to photographer Rita Willaert the inhabitants belong to the same family for several generations. The mud houses belong to an ancient tradition, the men build the house and the women put the decorations on the walls. All figures have a symbolic meaning.Round small houses belong to young bachelors. The rectangular ‘Mangolo’ terrace belong to young couples. The houses’ bilobees “or the 8-form belonging to the older ladies and young children. Round grain silo contemporaries are found everywhere. The whole can be tightly sealed against invasion of aliens and wild animals.”